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Haiku Detective

By Michael Ketchek

Haiku Detective is the latest book by Michael Ketchek.  It is  fun filled  detective story. In this story Francis Swift, private eye, investigates the murder of the editor of Modern Frog, encounters many strange characters such as Mad Dog, the eccentric cab driver, Delia Deloris, the sexy hopeful poet, and his rich but confused client. This novel is a humorous ride through the world of haiku and murder.

  It was the third of August and not much was happening.  I knew it was the third of August because there was a calendar on my desk. I knew not much was happening because I was spending a lot of time studying the calendar. On a slow day there isn’t much to do but figure out what day it is. I’m good at figuring stuff out.  I’m Francis Swift, private eye. I had just figured out that no one was interested in hiring a detective this morning and I might as well go out for lunch when I remembered how much money was in my wallet and I figured that I really wasn’t that hungry. I reached into the bottom drawer of the desk. It was still too early for the bottle so I pulled out a book of haiku; those short little poems the Japanese came with up for people with poetic inclinations and short attention spans. Hey, we all have vices, some more legal than others. My vices are an occasional nibble off the bourbon bottle and haiku. I read a few of my favorites by Buson and gazed idly out the window. Then I wrote a haiku.

                    lazy morning

                                                              a few tired dust motes

                                                               settle on the sill

Small Things make me laugh  

                                     By Yu Chang

cherry blossoms

small things

make me laugh

traffic jam

a plastic dog

keeps nodding

midnight snack

I have been good

all day