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I was told they had studied earthmen by intercepting our TV and radio broadcasts, and by monitoring some psychology courses.  They even had sent spies to earth to interact with earthmen and yet they still found earthmen unfathomable.

 The Amazon who  she would definitely not torture me till I appeared to be in charge, Liza, was a statuesque brunette with deep dark eyes, skin that glistened as if it had been oiled, and a beehive hairdo. She said to me, "It is of utmost importance to the entire planet of Amazonia to discover the secrets of earthmen. If you refuse to divulge this information you will be tortured, slowly and painfully.  It will be excruciating beyond the primitive methods of your planet, but if you reveal the secrets we need you will experience pleasure greater than any man of your planet has ever known."

Her bosom heaved as she spoke.  I wondered to what evil purpose she would use the knowledge she was seeking, but not for long.  Her fantastic Hollywood breasts, barely hidden by the slightly torn bikini top, her alluring legs, that emerged from a ragged miniskirt, the way her fingers lightly brushed against my cheek, kept me from thinking about any danger my home planet might be facing.  No it wasn't loyalty to earth that caused me to answer, "What secrets?  Men don't have any secrets."

  Chapter 2 Loose Lips

My wife informed me this morning that I talk in my sleep.  She also told me her name was not Liza and

Men are from Earth Woman are from Amazonia