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 “Just think, Habex, on the other side of this big stone is nothing but water for a hundreds of miles. Nothing but ocean until you get to the land of dragons.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to imagine that much water,” said Habex as he inched around the boulder on a small ledge that dropped off to the sea about twenty feet below. Now that he had come this far he too wanted to get around the boulder, stand on the last bit of land and look at the dark ocean that separated them from the unimaginable world of fierce dragons and their dreaded riders. Habex, with Sky close behind, stepped around the boulder and onto the steep, rock strewn, slope that ended in the surf.

 Habex looked at the rocks, each of which cast a shadow on this moonlit night, and at the waves that glowed with moonlight. Then he turned to Sky, who was trying to get around him, to get a better view and whispered, “By the Burnt Bones of Hiwaun, run, Sky, run.”

He gave her a little push and she started back around the ledge that ran along the side of the boulder. Something in the tone of Habex’s voice, or perhaps because she had never heard him utter such an oath before, caused  her to do exactly what he had asked. They got around the boulder and Habex hissed, “Run for your life.”

Habex and Sky raced across the flat stretch of Sunrise Point, but before they had gotten a quarter of the way to the jumble of rocks that marked the spot where the point connected to the mainland, Sky glanced back to see what they were racing from. When she saw what it was, she screamed.  

Hovering above the boulder, with a wingspan nearly the length of that huge rock, was a dragon. Its scales glistened green and its eyes shone with a deep golden glow that was not the result of reflected moonlight, but came from some inner source. On its back was a man, tiny by comparison, but a man nonetheless. The dragon flapped its wings once, twice, and in seconds had flown past Habex and Sky and landed between them and their only avenue of escape.

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