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Haiku Detective

Michael Ketchek



A humorous novel about a haiku writing detective who works to solve the murder of the editor of a haiku journal, uncover the identity of his client, and find romance, all while writing haiku. A fast paced fun read.

The haiku and senryu by Yu Chang are a delight. These poems about nature and people are insightful and and written with a gentle humor which I find compelling. In a world filled with rancor and bitterness Yu’s poetry is a testament to the wonder of the natural world and all that is good in humanity.

                             Michael Ketchek, Editor


Small Things

 make me laugh

     by Yu Chang




Slicing The Morning Mist

By Carolyne Rohrig

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Wonderful haiku showcased in a book with handmade paper covers.  No two are exactly alike.  A book that is as beautiful and unique as the poetry it presents.